Kirk’s Ankylosing Spondylitis Update…and Where I’ve Been!


12/01/2015 by Katrina

Here I am.

It’s been AGES (a year and a half) since I have been on here. I’ve had a few major things happen in my life since my last post about an ‘Ugly Smoothie’ (why oh why couldn’t I have ended on something a bit more exciting). Firstly, we had a baby boy (Judah) who is now 10 months old. He is as absolute joy and there is a whole story there on how we got our son….but that’s for another post in the future.

Meet our son!

Meet our son!

The Ugly Smoothie post was done before I got pregnant…then I had terrible morning sickness and just couldn’t write about food, let alone cook it! So there was nothing to put on here. We also moved out to the country and up a mountain where we built a house on 2.5 acres. We have also been very focused on our wedding photography business which is going gang-busters! So there you have it. All my main excuses.

Kirk in our vegetable garden at our new home up the mountain.

Kirk in our vegetable garden at our new home up the mountain.

When I did manage to figure out how to get back on here, I had 56 pending comments from people – so I really do apologise to those who wrote a comment, waiting for an answer…1.5 years ago. I’ve also received MANY emails from all over the world asking about Kirk’s AS and if he is still pain-free and on the NSD diet, so I thought I better address that first (FYI, I did email those people back straight away!).

Well, the No Starch Diet has definitely, absolutely, 100% worked for Kirk! Since 2012 when he began on his starch-free journey, Kirk has had no AS flair-ups, Iritis or pain. Completely pain-free and symptom-free from Ankylosing Spondylitis. He stuck to the starch-free diet for around a year, and also did a round of GAPS to get the digestive system up to scratch (gut health is linked to all sort of illnesses and auto-immune diseases).

Over time, Kirk re-introduced starchy foods back into his diet and he is now able to eat starch with no problems. He is still very cautious about the amount of starch that he eats (particularly breads and pasta) and is always on the look out for any AS twinges or stiffness, but he hasn’t had anything! His diet is normal now….so much so that we are trying to get ourselves back to eating more Paleo and cut out some of the foods that have crept back into our diet over time.

One things I must highlight about the No Starch Diet, if any of you are going to try it – YOU MUST STICK TO IT 100%! You cannot have a potato chip here or there, or keep using your sauce with traces of starch in it. Your body will not be starved of the starch or the bacteria that starch creates in our digestive system. That’s the stuff that confuses the immune system to attack the areas it shouldn’t AND the AS gene will keep causing problems. We found that if Kirk had ONE SINGLE curly fry at Hogs Breath in the early days, he would be AS sore the next day. He was so worried about the AS flairs coming back that it took him nearly a year to try anything with starch in it. The NSD is a commitment…and in Kirk’s case, when you are faced with life in a wheelchair starting at 35 (his age this year!), it’s a commitment you can be sure to make!

4 thoughts on “Kirk’s Ankylosing Spondylitis Update…and Where I’ve Been!

  1. Gwenda Burchill says:

    Yay Treens!!! Good to see you are back on your blog!! Seeing Kirk so healthy and active is a true miracle!! Well done to both of you for your determination and commitmen…not forgetting of course the wonderful power of prayer that led you to the answers you were looking for!! It is a true delight to watch Kirk playing with his son…an amazing healing!! If I didn’t see it for myself I wouldn’t have believed it!! 🙂

  2. MaryCay says:

    Thank you so much for taking time to update!! And congratulations on the baby! I have spondylitis and iritis and have been no/low starch for quite some time now yet still have bad flare ups. Your husband’s story has motivated me to look back into gaps diet and really work on gut healing. Your post came at a time when I really needed it!

  3. So great to read this update!! I share your reboot story with folks all the time! You and Kirk are such an inspiration to so many.


  4. Rebecca says:

    Fabulous as always… so great to see you back blogging, but I also TOTALLY understand why you’ve been AWOL ; )
    Look forward to reading more when you have the time xo

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