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Welcome and hello 🙂 My name is Katrina and I love good food! Even though I love eating good food, I used to struggle making it. You see, I have a very strange history with cooking (or lack of cooking). I used to get so confused over what I should and shouldn’t be eating. There was so much conflicting information out there (and there still is!).  Surely food that was sold to humans would be fit for human consumption and if a product says it’s “good for you” then of course it would be. Right?

My history with food went along the lines of this: I used to avoid the kitchen. I didn’t have the time, the energy or the knowledge to whip up a nutritious meal to feed my husband and I. After a big day at work, all we could manage was coffee and popcorn, or garlic bread, or if we were feeling healthy we would microwave a frozen crumbed fish fillet and a packet of frozen veggies.  It’s so wrongly true. How times have changed!

Now I make all our meals – not out of ‘duty’ – but because I love, love, love cooking! I chuck on some radio tunes and my frilly apron and create something epic. The big gear-change for me was discovering I had a gluten intolerance (& Leaky Gut Syndrome), was obviously unhealthy because I was overweight, tired, maybe a little bit grumpy, and feeling sad. I eventually bought my Thermomix which I fondly named Tilly. Tilly gets a great workout in my kitchen, and together we create nutritious and delicious food from scratch. No more additives, preservatives, chemicals or un-foods in my meals anymore. Sure, I will order a dessert at a restaurant, enjoy a choc-top at the cinemas with friends, have a side of hot chips and live life! I love food and that means I also love the unhealthy stuff, but as we all know…it is all about balance. Eating the best you can most of the time! I must say, if I do have that choc top, I definitely feel it later that night and wake up the next day feeling gross. Sometimes it is just not worth it…but sometimes it is 🙂

The majority of food that passes my lips is unadultered, clean, fresh food and I eat this way because it makes me feel incredible. I have so much energy, enthusiasm for life and motivation. No more dreary, tripping-over-my-own-feet type of tiredness anymore. I never fully understood the importance of a healthy diet. I know that sounds so strange…and I should expect a “duhhhhh” response from you, but it’s true.

I love how I feel right now, and haven’t felt like this in a LONG time. My husband has decided to cut out all gluten and refined sugar from his diet also as he can see how much I have benefited from doing the same. He is more alert, obedient and a better listener. Nah 😉  He has always been a slim, fit person but now he is so much more alive….especially in the mornings! He used to never be a morning person and it was hard to get motivated to get up and get ready for the day.

The purpose of this blog is to be my recipe book. An online catalogue of my favourite recipes that I like to make at home. Some I have taken from other blogs and nutritional websites (you will know who they are as I will link to them), and some are my very own creations and adaptations. I also love to learn about health and what food can do for our bodies. This blog is also a little bit like a journal of things that I have discovered along the way. Sometimes a story about Farmer K will pop up on these pages.

The name Farmer K originated from my sweet mother-in-law. When my husband and I would go and visit his parents on their mini farm, I would throw on her gumboots and go out to feed the animals. From then on I was fondly called “Farmer K”. Now we have started our own mini farm in our backyard – chooks, herbs, veggies, fruit trees, bush tucker and a compost system. It is one of my favourite hobbies, so I am sure you will hear about some stories on this blog –  errors, triumphs and questions.

Sourcing good quality ingredients from the local farmer’s market.


I love to use good quality, clean food in my cooking. Food that is exactly what it says it is. Peanut butter that is just peanuts and oil and maybe a touch of sea salt, not hidden with numerous weird, scientific excuses for food. No thanks! I still get shocked when I read the label on bacon. Bacon has 7 ingredients! Bacon. I just shake my head and weep silently inside because of my love of bacon. BUT instead of feeling sorry for myself, I get busy and track down the real stuff. Our local butcher stocks the proper bacon since the requests for it started to roll in. Boom.

Yes, I do love honest food. To me, it’s all about turning honest food into goodness on a plate. I want to know where the food has come from, how it was made, that it’s safe and that it is good for me.

Thank you for visiting my blog 🙂


My husband, Kirk

  • How we are currently treating my husband’s painful disease, Ankylosing Spondylitis, through a No Starch Diet (NSD) which you can read about here.

22 thoughts on “[ Meet Farmer K ]

  1. Stephanie says:

    Hi Katrina,

    Can I just tell you you look absolutely amazing. I haven’t clapped eyes on you since the end of Term 1 and wow what a difference a few months can make! I had heard from Margie and Lee how wonderful you were looking and feeling and I appreciate you emailing me your blog.!

    Happy New Year to you and Kirk. See you in 2012!

    Stephanie x

    • Katrina says:

      Hi Stephanie, thanks for your comment….AND congratulations on your little girl! That is truly exciting and you guys must be wrapped with another little blessing 🙂 Would love to meet her one day soon! Thank you for your lovely compliment! I have managed to shift 20+kgs probably from when I last saw you. It has been a lot of fun trying out new healthy options to old favourites and sharing them with others too. Have a fantastic New Year and see you soon. Love Katrina xox

  2. Caville McLeod says:

    Hi Katrina. Thanks for letting me know about your blog, have had a lovely time looking around and checking out the recipes. Keep up the good work it is very inspiring!
    Love and best wishes to you and Kirk for 2012.


  3. Clairebee says:

    Aaaaah Treens, that piccie of you is just STUNNING & you are looking FAB :))

    I LOVED reading this & had a good giggle at the line re: Kirk being obedient etc! CLASSIC, ha ha ha :))))

    Hugs xoxo

  4. Hannah says:

    Nice site! Can’t wait to explore some more. 🙂

  5. Sue says:

    Been dabbling with the idea of GF and sugar free. It’s time to take the plunge. Thanks for the motivation. Sue

  6. Brie Reed says:

    Hey Katrina!!!

    I have just discovered your website and let me say I’m VERY excited and ready to be inspired by your love for healthy, nutritious food and hopefully some new recipes 🙂

    • Hey Brie – thanks for your lovely words and I hope you find some goodies ❤ I am learning so much about good food, it is great fun!
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. xo

  7. Cara says:

    What a fabulous blog you have, Katrina! I cannot wait to browse through it all 🙂 xo

  8. Jo says:

    Hi Katrina, Lani told me about your blog and I love it!
    You look amazing ! And I’m loving your posts!
    Jo x

  9. Hi Katrina,
    I have always followed your blog with interest but have recently come to it with renewed vigour! We are also going grain and refined sugar free to (hopefully) treat some little sensitive tummies in our family (and some big ones!). I definitely do not judge you at all for not realising what is healthy and being more interested in cooking early on – I have been reading, visiting doctors, naturopaths, dieticians, kinesiologists etc for five years and I still haven’t got it right!!! We are even considering a move to the Sunny Coast to spread out, down size, refocus on well being and maybe even ‘chuck a cow’ on some land!

    Thank you for your amazing positivity, optimism, knowledge and inspiration xxx

    • Hey Kristin,

      I love your blog! Mamacino is on my fav lists 🙂 Great idea to go grain-free and refined sugar-free – you will never look back (although I have to get back into gear with the refined sugar elimination…it sometimes manages to sneak back in 😉

      I think a move to the Sunny Coast is a FANTASTIC idea! We have just bought land out at Maleny to put on a cow or two so you never know, we could one day be neighbours. Let us know if you decide to come up – would love to meet you in person.

      Katrina x

      • mamacino says:

        Thanks Katrina – I will be sure to do that!
        PS – My thermomix arrived yesterday! So excited – got a long list of your recipes to try out xx

  10. Elise Harvey says:

    Hey Treens! I’m still going strong on my new-ish clean eating/paleo lifestyle. I’ve lost 10kg’s in 20 weeks! BUT…I’m struggling with my food prep and food storage. I go to my local fruit and veg shop (bit like Erbachers’s up your way) and buy a massive box of fruit and veg for the week. I know some people say they cut it all before it goes into their fridge, but how long does it actually last after being cut? And how should it be stored…in water or paper towel? Air-tight containers or zip-lock bags? can you tell I’m a bit lost with it all… I’ve searched the Internet for help, but nothing is answering these questions.

    Any help or tips you can give would be great!!

    The main foods I store in my fridge are:

    Thanks hun, hope you are all well and coping with all the rain.
    Elise xx

  11. Shaan says:

    Hi katrina, my name is Shaan and I too have a health blog just like yours and it looks like we have pretty much taken the same path to wellness!

    I am interested in your husbands journey through AS and the low starch diet as I too have just been diagnosed and am on day 4 of the diet. Would you be interested in catching up via email?

    If so I’m on



  12. Smilin' Chrisfopher Smith says:

    Awesome stuff
    Thank you both so much for sharing and continued good luck and good health.
    My story is similar.
    Just started nsd and was up to looking for recipes when I came across your blog; the AS caught my attention.
    Suffered worth it my whole life bad miss twenties compiled with lots of sports and adventure injuries than car accidents. Usually they took the blame and I adrenalized through it and a blessing of adhd high pain threshold and have God. Diagnosed complete with hla-b27 about age 27. Lost track of how many times I’ve had iritis been penned for ibs and Crohns. Enbrel and antibiotics with constant now virtuous and bacterial mostly infections with git stuff. Finally I stayed looking pregnant again I just got in a 32 for summer. Now I have a36 with rubber bands and was that way for a week refusing antibiotics and max plus daily laxatives. Day 7 I started tasting metal and sick as a hmmm well really sick I prayed and got to lsd as an answer (hippie pun low starch diet though haha) first I healthfully Roto rootered myself than pumped acidophilus probiotic and ns food. With tweeks basically kept a nsd; and will continue. (I have always been a health nut luckily and this is the furthest I strayed from hippieish diet which I adopted before going west for school; which wasn’t bad- healthy just balanced with NY carbs A-Oh…. B-)
    On top of that I had just finished radio frequency injections on both sides lumbar April and may this year, neck surgery with plate ’12 and just want of meds.
    Now it’s been 2 weeks of nsd. Down to 4prn one for asthma. Next remove prn pain and muscle relaxer my mood energy attitude it’s been so long. I too good it well still do. People who don’t see me on worse or bad days just don’t believe it because of my energy and the athletic abilities I had and kept the challenge and suffering hidden and behind a smile. The best hands is being mid activity and feeling groovy than crippled and trying to force it or get a comfortable haha position just like being made of glass and breaking like splintering shards sheer agony. Then they believe. The enbrel helped but at a price. Well I’m glad I learned to live on the moment and be content now with joy. I ate my fool of pizzas and vanilla cannoli’s and syphilis zepoli’s and bagels and ooh the pastries. I’m ready to trade that on and feel every cell in my body awaken revealed and than reprogram maybe my gut. I love to garden and cook as much as eat. Look forward to trying those recipes. Peace

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