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  1. Kirk’s Ankylosing Spondylitis Update…and Where I’ve Been!


    12/01/2015 by Katrina

    Here I am. It’s been AGES (a year and a half) since I have been on here. I’ve had a …
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  2. Peanut Hot Choc


    20/08/2012 by Katrina

    This is the photo that stopped a nation!! Well, it briefly stopped about 15 of you on my Farmer K’s …
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  3. An Outing to A Farm


    18/05/2012 by Katrina

    I want to buy this farm. All 300+ acres of it! Well, maybe I would settleĀ forĀ 10 acres or so. I …
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  4. Quickie Quiches


    09/04/2012 by Katrina

    Who loves op shopping? Meeee! Especially when I am on the hunt for funky kitchen things. The other day Kirk …
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  5. What Happens When I’m Out??


    03/02/2012 by Katrina

    Click for above image credit. Last night I went out for a bit of a girly-sesh for a beautiful friends …
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  6. Two Gangs in One Backyard {& an omelette}


    31/01/2012 by Katrina

    Introducing ‘Totes’, ‘Defs’ and ‘Adorbs’. Our three new girls. I know what you’re thinking, “worst chook names EVER”, but there …
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  7. Rain Birds

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    19/01/2012 by Katrina

    Forget Angry Birds…we’ve got Rain Birds in our backyard. Since our chooks arrived, we have had all sorts of birdlife …
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