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  1. Kirk’s Ankylosing Spondylitis Update…and Where I’ve Been!


    12/01/2015 by Katrina

    Here I am. It’s been AGES (a year and a half) since I have been on here. I’ve had a …
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  2. Chia Power Pudding


    30/05/2012 by Katrina

    I am going through a bit of a crazy phase at the moment. Every single day I need my chia …
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  3. Detoxing symptoms are a real PAIN!


    25/03/2012 by Katrina

    “Fruit and smoothie detoxing is totally awesome dude!” This is not as hippie as it sounds. It is my findings …
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  4. Body Reboot


    22/03/2012 by Katrina

    For those who follow Farmer K’s Kitchen on Facebook,  last night you would have read that my husband and I …
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  5. Let The Healing Begin!


    28/02/2012 by Katrina

    Above Image Credit Stop and read the background story of my husbands Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS, pronounced “ank-kih-low-sing spon-dill-eye-tiss”) HERE. It will …
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  6. Going Gluten-Free: That’s It! I’ve Had It!


    20/02/2012 by Katrina

    I have been scrolling through my old blog: ‘Unearthing the Spud’, when I stumbled upon something I wrote in April …
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  7. Superhero Chew Bars


    19/02/2012 by Katrina

    I love my goji berries – they are a superhero food with incredible benefits. According to Loving Earth, in terms of …
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