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  1. GAPS Diet Overview and our GAPS Chocolate Fudge Squares


    15/04/2013 by Katrina

    All has been a bit quiet on the recipe front here on FKK. Bone broths and bulletproof coffee is nothing …
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  2. Adult Advent Calendar


    02/12/2012 by Katrina

    Last year I bought a cheap cardboard advent calendar. You know the one which you open the numbered door each …
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  3. Whole30 for August-ish


    30/07/2012 by Katrina

    I am taking part in the Whole30 August Program happening over here. Well, actually I started today cause I figured …
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  4. Gory Movies, Milk Chocolate & Bluegrass


    24/07/2012 by Katrina

    Two foodie bloggers that I admire, Sonia from Natural New Age Mum and Jodi from Hot Pink Chilli, tagged me for …
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  5. Round Little Chocolate Squishes


    04/07/2012 by Katrina

    We are over halfway through our school holidays now. I had planned on spending a lot of my time engrossed …
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  6. An Outing to A Farm


    18/05/2012 by Katrina

    I want to buy this farm. All 300+ acres of it! Well, maybe I would settle for 10 acres or so. I …
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  7. Detoxing symptoms are a real PAIN!


    25/03/2012 by Katrina

    “Fruit and smoothie detoxing is totally awesome dude!” This is not as hippie as it sounds. It is my findings …
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