[ K’s Reboot: Juicing Journey ]


Welcome to our juicing and smoothie diary! This detoxing event changed our lives. It shot us on our journey of healing my husbands chronic pain caused by his auto immune disease.

Dear Diary….

Decision Day: 21/03/2012 Kirk and I have decided to do a juice/green smoothie body reboot for 7 days. This is especially important for Kirk and his Ankylosing Spondylitis (story here) and I figured I may as well jump on board. Definitely won’t hurt. I wrote a bit about what we are doing here (click for link).

I’m not going to go into too much detail about the benefits of doing a reboot like this as there is so much information out there on Google. I do have a list at the bottom of this page with some of the sources I have gotten my inspiration and  information from, in case you want to look into this for yourself. We all know that fresh fruit and veggies are unbelievably good for you and the main component to healing your body of its sufferings.

As we go through our Juicing and Smoothie Reboot I will post down what we eat each day, how we feel and Kirk’s pain score for those who are interested. I am not going to put down quantities of everything. I am sure you can figure out what you want to put in. We had to be careful not to add in any fruits or vegetables that contained starch as this seems to be the cause of Kirk’s back pain.

The great thing about juicing and smoothy-ing (?) is that you are not depriving your body, you are just providing it with nutrients, enzymes and the rest of those goodies, in a concentrated form. These superhero health foods breakdown superfast and are absorbed into your system straight away. You do not lack calcium or protein if you add in fruits, vegs and superfoods that contain these things (chia seeds, goji berries, spirulina, etc).

So here we go…..

Every morning: 1 L filtered water on rising and lemon in some warm water (not hot water as the heat kills the enzymes in the lemon)


Day 1 – 22 March 2012

  • Green Smoothie: white nectarine, cucumber, celery, filtered water, chia seeds, spirulina powder, fresh wheatgrass, almond butter, pear
  • Smoothie: frozen blueberries, fresh fig, macadamia nut butter, filtered water, pear
  • Dandelion tea, no milk (great replacement for coffee!)
  • Juice: spinach, kale, green apple, carrot, ginger, lemon, filtered water
  • Boost Juice: carrot, celery, pineapple
  • organic coconut water
Kirk came home from work, had a hot bath and went to bed for about 2 hours to sleep. It was a tough day for him at work and he was very tired (we stayed up until midnight the night before). He felt really foggy and run down.
I had a mild headache from about 1:30pm onwards. I wasn’t hungry today, but was also a bit lacking in energy. Pretty on target for a ‘detox’.
Kirk’s AS pain: 3/10. He was 1/10 yesterday but played a game of volleyball the night before and is now tender in his back joints. His pain has been much lower than usual today.
Day 2 – 23 March 2012
  • Green Smoothie: kale, blueberries, pear, macadamia nut butter, spirulina, chia seeds, cucumber, filtered water
  • Juice: carrot, apple, ginger, celery, lemon, filtered water
  • Green Smoothie: watermelon, honey dew melon, kale chia seeds, spinach, cucumber, wheatgrass, spirulina, almond nut butter, filtered water
  • Smoothie: cucumber, fresh kale, avocado, pear, celery, kiwi fruit, blueberries, filtered water, spirulina, whole chia seeds to soak in smoothie to make a jelly consistency
Kirk had another shocker of a day with a headache, feeling really lethargic and when he got home from work he went to bed to sleep again. His back got quite achy by the end of the night and he was in a lot of discomfort.
I had a mild headache all day, achy legs and hips at night to the point of struggling to get comfortable and fall asleep. I woke up with a bit of conjunctivitis in one eye (this eye has been flaring up red and itchy all year, so it was good to see it expelling some nastiness from my body!).
All this stuff is part of the detox and how our bodies are trying to get rid of all the junk in our systems. We are just riding through it knowing that the headaches usually only lasts 2-3 days and the rest of our aches and pains will heal as we go along. Then we will feel amazing!
Kirk’s AS pain:  4/10 in the am. 7/10 in the pm. 
Day 3 – 24 March 2012

Chia seeds soaked in coconut water.

  •  Juice: celery, green apple, cucumber, pineapple, kale, filtered water
  • Green Smoothie: broccoli stalk, spinach, cos lettuce, plum, pear, blueberries, cacao, cucumber, spirulina, filtered water
  • Juice: cucumber, carrot, apple, celery, red capsicum, filtered water
  • Smoothie Dessert: soaked chia seeds in coconut water, blended: plum, blueberries, peach, nectarine. Layer chia seeds and blend mixture.
The headaches have almost disappeared and very mild. I feel like I am gaining my energy back although at night time, both Kirk and I go to bed with aching pains. My lower back and legs ache all night and I am finding it hard to sleep, and Kirk’s back is also really bad. We both are fine during the day and the pains seem to hit us at night. I did some research and it seems that when your body is detoxing, the muscles become tight and sore due to toxic irritation. The legs can be the worst affected, as toxins accumulate in the legs. So that explains me! With Kirk’s back pain however, I found out that during fasting, the body’s healing process is at optimum efficiency. As the body scours for dead or damaged tissue (of which there seems to be a lot!), the lymphocytes enter the older, damaged tissue secreting substances to dissolve the damaged cells. These substances irritate the nerves in the surrounding region and cause a reoccurrence of aches from previously injured areas that may have disappeared years earlier. The pain is good as the body is completing the healing process. I think I might blog about this!
 Kirk’s AS pain:  4/10 in the am. 7/10 in the pm. 
Day 4 – 25 March 2012
  •  Juice: cucumber, celery, pineapple, green apple, parsley
  • Chia seeds with coconut milk and almond butter
  • Smoothie (FAVOURITE): rockmelon, cos lettuce, kale, pear, white peach, fresh fig, spirulina, chia seeds, filtered water, small amount of parsley
  • Grossest Juice Ever (it really was bad, but we drank it): grapefruit (the culprit), green apple, cucumber, zucchini, pear, baby spinach, cos lettuce.
What an achy breaky day! Ouchie mummas! Thankfully the headaches have completely gone, but the body aches lasted ALL DAY LONG. Kirk’s back and my lower back, hips and legs. We went for a big walk and the pain subsided during the walk but then came back once we got home. We are not too phased about why our bodies have been aching – it is normal, but it is pretty yucky all the same. I feel like I have a glimpse into Kirk’s everyday…but his is much worse. We are hoping the aches won’t last too much longer, and we get a good nights sleep tonight.
Kirk’s AS pain: 3/10 in the morning. He seems to flair up at around 8:00pm to a 6/10. Sleep: 8/10. This has been happening since the beginning of the juice fast. This is also the same time of day that my lower back and legs begin to ache.
Day 5 – 26 March 2012
  • Juice: carrot, celery, cucumber, red capsicum, green apples
  • Green Smoothie: spinach, kale, cos lettuce, pear, rockmelon, honeydew melon, peach, chia seeds, spirulina, filtered water, almond nut butter
  • BEST “Chocolate” Smoothie: avocados, peach, cacao powder, stevia, cos lettuce, cucumber, blueberries, filtered water, almond nut butter
At about 3am this morning my lower back had stopped aching FINALLY and I was able to get comfortable and sleep. When I got out of bed, I was still painless but the aches arrived around 9:30am at work. I could feel a little bulge sticking out of the left side of my lower back where I was sore. Weird. The aches where shooting down to my left calf and ankle. Kirk and I are feeling a lot more energised and sparky today. The fog has lifted! Kirk’s back is feeling better and not as tender. He says he can feel “tingly healing” pains in the AS area. There is definitely an improvement in how he is feeling overall. He is excited about the changes so far.
Kirk’s AS pain: 2/10 in the morning and 2/10 in the evening. Sleep: 5/10. Massive improvement!
Day 6 – 27 March 2012
  • Juice: cucumber, celery, green apples, ginger, lemon juice
  • Smoothie: blueberries, avocado, nut butters, peaches, baby spinach, spirulina, filtered water, pear
  • Juice: cucumber, celery, green apples, ginger, lemon juice
  • green grapes (we went on a bit of a binge!)
My pain has completely vanished and I feel so fresh! Kirk has developed a mouth ulcer (which was quite frequent before with his medication) so to help with this he is having a lot of concentrated lemon and non-alcohol/non-ethanol mouthwash. We went crazy consuming some gorgeous green grapes I bought from Jeffers Market. I ate way too many and ended up with a massive sugar headache. My teeth also tingled with all that fructose. I had to drink loads of water before going to bed to counteract my headache. I have been having the deepest sleeps that I have had since….I can’t remember when. When I wake up it is instant and I am so aware that I have just come out of a very heavy, restful sleep. It is blissful!
Kirk’s AS pain: 2/10 in am, 2/10 in pm, sleep was a 3/10.
Day 7 – 28 March 2012 
  • Smoothie: cucumber, kale, broccoli stem, 2 medjool dates, almond butter, chia seeds, spirulina, blueberries
  • Juice: red capsicum, celery, cucumber, green apple
  • Smoothie: cucumber, watermelon, kale, pear
  • Smoothie: cacao powder, organic peanut butter, 2 medjool dates, celery, nectarine, blueberries, baby spinach leaves, organic cinnamon, smallest pinch of sea salt, chia seeds
It would have been our last day of our original Reboot, but we decided to continue for a bit longer, so on we go. I can’t imagine stopping now when we are finally starting to feel amazing! I am really loving it and all the changes I can feel!
Today was a bit of a smoothie day! Sometimes when I read through what we have been eating, it seems like SO much but then I remember that everything is in small amounts (except for the greens!) and then halved.
Still feeling great! We both went for a walk today and when I asked how Kirk’s back was feeling, he said that he had completely forgot about his back and that he feels as though he could run. I was very happy when he said there was absolutely no pain or discomfort. Brilliant. He still his mouth ulcer.
Kirk’s AS pain: 1/10 in am, 0/10 in pm, sleep was a 0/10. Pain? What pain?


Day 8 – 29 March 2012

  • Juice: carrot, celery, green apple, lemon juice
  • Smoothie: chia seeds, spirulina, pear, kale, celery, filtered water, blue berries
  • homemade almond milk, strawberries, mango, stevia
  • medjool dates
We feel amazing! Sleep is like heaven – very deep sleep and very vivid dreams. Kirk still has a mouth ulcer and he can feel others coming along. We are not sure if this is part of the detox or what. Time will tell!
Kirk’s AS pain: 0/10 all day! Incredible!


Day 9 – 30 March 2012

  • Juice: cucumber, green apple, celery, bok choy
  • Smoothie: spinach, kale, cos lettuce, pear, rockmelon, honeydew melon, peach, chia seeds, spirulina, filtered water, almond nut butter
  • Juice: carrots (I got a bag of organic carrots off a student for Easter! LOVED it!), green apple, celery, cucumber, ginger, filtered water
Today was the last day of the school term, and instead of usually feeling like an absolute wreck, Kirk was bright and chirpy. He said he could jump into the next term right now! We both have huge amounts of energy. No aches or pains, except for Kirk’s mouth ulcer. He is gargling water and Himalayan salt. It is really sore.
Kirk’s AS Pain: 0/10 again 🙂 !


Day 10 – 31 March 2012
  • Smoothie: white nectarine, kale, baby spinach, filtered water, almond butter
  • Orange juice, ice, filtered water
  • Chammomile Tea with honey
  • Watermelon, pineapple, orange juice, filtered water
  • Smoothie: pear, baby spinach, smidge of pure maple syrup, red papaya, rockmelon, spirulina, filtered water
Kirk’s mouth ulcer is being mean and persistent, so we upped the Vitamin C in our juices. It seems like a lot of fruit in a day but everything is shared and in small quantities (e.g 2 small cubes of rockmelon). Neither of us want to stop the juicing and smoothies. We have so much energy and feel incredible…like we are teenagers again. I can really tell in Kirk’s skin that is is glowing and his eyes are clear. Today spent ages out in the garden trying to use up all this energy. Usually we are dragging our feet on the weekend!
Kirk’s AS Pain: 0/10. Could definitely get used to this!


Day 11 – 1 April 2012
  • Juice: celery, pear, green apple, carrot, filtered water
  • Juice (cafe): ginger, apple, cucumber, celery, lemon
  • Smoothie: pear, kale, macadamia nut butter, chia seeds, spirulina, filtered water
  • Juice: pear, cos lettuce, green apple, celery, filtered water
Yay! Kirk’s mouth ulcer is starting to improve. We are wondering when we should finish our Reboot, and we think Friday night is the night to finish. I think because we have been eating so ‘cleanly’ for the past few months, we didn’t have long-lasting detox effects. The usual length of a detox depends on the person, though some say that 2 days after your last detox symptoms have disappeared you can finish.
Kirk’s AS Pain: 0/10.
Day 12 – 2 April 2012
  • Juice: baby spinach, pear, chia seeds, cacao powder, pure maple syrup, almond nut butter
  • Juice: capsicum, celery, cucumber, carrots, pineapple
  • Peppermint tea
  • Smoothie: orange and pineapple
  • Taste Testing: Savoury Wraps (salt, water, almond meal, eggs)
  • Boiled Egg (testing how we react to eggs)
Today we decided to try boiled eggs. The idea is to slowly introduce major foods back into our diet to see what we react to. We like our eggs and I use them a lot in various recipes, so we figure that this would be the best to try out first.
Kirk’s AS Pain: 0/10. He does have a sore back on the other side, which he says is not AS pain but more like muscle pain.
We kept up the juicing for another week since I last logged our food above. I guess being on holidays, you get out of a bit of routine….or are just a slacko! We slowly introduced foods back into our diet, although we stayed well away from the starch and dairy which seem to be the biggest offenders in all the research we have done into autoimmune diseases. Kirk was very careful and hesitant about adding food in as he had been feeling 100% pain-free and didn’t want to stuff it all up on something small like a sauce made with rice flour, etc.
20/04/12 – Since finishing the juice fast Kirk has been COMPLETELY pain-free since day 7 of the juicing! Acutally…I lie. He had one very small twinge of AS pain a couple of days ago which lasted for the duration of a whole morning. I found the culprit though! It was from a meat pie I had made a while ago (from my recipes) and had frozen it for future use. It had a tablespoon of gluten-free cornflour, which is a starch – derr.
Since our juice reboot, we still have a juice at least twice a day for breakfast and part of our lunch. We like the idea of jam-packing our fruits and veggies into our day. Kirk went to the doctor and he was stunned at how quickly he has healed. After he raved about Kirk’s improvements, Kirk told him that he had done a juicing reboot. It was funny because the doctor changed his tune and began lecturing Kirk on “eating a balance diet and needing protein”, blah, blah, blah. Little did the doctor know but spriulina has significantly more protein than your average piece of steak (see the details below in “WEIRD HIPPIE INGREDIENTS”). Kirk just nodded and smiled….and skipped out of his office….painfree.

Click here to read what I wrote about Detox Symptoms!



  • Spirulina: highest known protein on Earth (70% complete protein verses steak at 25% protein)
  • Wheatgrass: stimulates metabolism, normalises thyroid gland, high enzyme content, reduces blood acidity, protects from carcinogens, strengthens cells, detoxifies liver and bloodstream, neutralises environment pollutants, relieves ulcers, gastrointestinal problems. Best to be consumed fresh instead of powdered. 
  • Organic Coconut Water: More potassium than a whole banana, hydrates in a big way, increases metabolism, boosts immune system, lowers blood pressure, 5 essential electrolytes. I love the stuff straight, Kirk doesn’t – suits me! 🙂

Information that has inspired our reboot:


18 thoughts on “[ K’s Reboot: Juicing Journey ]

  1. Shara says:

    Looking forward to seeing how this goes Treens! it is currently 3:20am and I have had horrible gastro pain since 10pm….I would love to do this too, but pretty sure it isn’t a good thing for breastfeeding….I wonder if I could do some sort of modified version? Just finished watching Hungry for Change and so inspired!!

    • Oh no Shar! That is terrible. I hope you get some sleep and feel better soon. Yeah, you’d probably have to read into it for breastfeeding and adapt it. Maybe breakfast and snacks could be juices/smoothies? The idea is to cram as much nutrients into your drink as possible, so it is like a major boost! Take care xox

  2. Betty Rawker says:

    I noticed you are also drinking coconut water (I ♥ Coconuts!), and I just wanted to add that I am experimenting with water kefir grains and making my own probiotic coconut water kefir – which is pretty cool stuff: http://waterkefirgrains.com/

    I LOVE coconut water anyway, and keep reading all these amazing benefits to kefir. I have been reading bits and pieces on the internet that the helpful bacteria in kefir and help fight the bad bacteria klebsiella. I have also read that most over the counter probiotics contain FOS, which feed klebsilla like wild fire, so making my own kefir seems to make the most sense to get probiotics and won’t include any FOS! I am drinking it on this fast – hoping it helps!

    Have you tired water kefir yet?

    Cheers to Green Juice! I hope Kurt’s symptoms are reduced over the next few days! And I hope you feel amazing too!


  3. Kyle S. says:

    6 Months later, what’s the verdict? Where is Kurt now? (I also have AS and am looking at something like this Reboot.

    • Hi Kyle! 6 months later and Kirk is still pain free and eats a completely starch-free diet. He had some meat the other day that was resting on potato mash and it gave him really bad AS pain 2 days later so we know that even the smallest amount of starch gives him trouble. Eating starch-free has now become second-nature and we hardly have to think about it unless he wants to try new foods or ingredients. Hope it goes well for you!

    • Hi Kyle – yep, you’re right! It is just the fibre that is the difference. We used both everyday, so a smoothie for brekky and a juice for morning tea, etc. It really doesn’t matter just as long as there is no starch.

  4. Shanina Anderson says:

    Hi Katrina
    I’m looking at doing this (searching for relief from autoimmune hyperthyroidism/Graves Disease) and wanted to ask you – are the ingredients in the smoothies/juices really key, or could I get the results despite swapping some of them out with seasonal fruits and vegies?
    I’m thinking that provided the main superfoods are still there and I keep to similar vegies or fruits it should be fine… but I’m not sure how deliberate you were with the specific ingredients.
    Thanks for sharing. It’s all very encouraging!

    • Hey Shanina! I just used ingredients that I had on hand, so use whatever you like so long as it is starch-free! I would just put in whatever I enjoyed the taste of. Try and pack as much nutrients as possible (with superfoods) and greens like cucumber, lettuces, kale, etc. There was no set food plan, I just tried to cram as much yummy goodness into them as I could 🙂 Good luck!

  5. Tora says:

    I hope I am following your lead and lower back and hip pain go by the end of another day. Day 3 and 4 have been excruciating! Great to read you had a similar experience.

    • Go Tora! You can do it! 🙂 It was definitely very painful detoxing….but worth it. Let me know how you go 🙂

    • Hi Tora, how did you go with the lower back and hip pains?

      • toracullip says:

        Thanks for remembering! I think it lasted until day 5, then it wore off. I am still blown away by how much this detox impacted me because I eat really healthily…in fact, I teach people how to eat healthily! But I also know that my system is really sensitive and when I look back my diet has got less clean over the last few months…PLUS I think mine was a stress detox. It has really made me look at my stress levels and how much I tie myself in knots…so practising a zen-like approach to life. Thanks again!

  6. Erin says:

    Hi Katrina, I am gearing myself up to do a detox just like yours 🙂 All the information you have posted is incredibly useful…it’s nice to be able to read exactly how you and your husband felt though out the journey! Did you lose much weight through out the detox because you continued it for longer than a week or so?

  7. Leanne says:

    Hi Katrina, I was wondering what type of back pain your husband has and how long had he had it for ? My partner has back problems and I am thinking this is a great idea. Leanne

  8. I am really loving the theme/design of your website.
    Do you ever run into any browser compatibility issues?

    A handful of my blog audience have complained about my blog
    not operating correctly in Explorer but looks great in Opera.
    Do you have any advice to help fix this problem?

  9. Leanne G says:

    Hi Katrina
    Just wondering if you used your Thermomix for the juicing and if you didn’t what did you use?
    Thanks Leanne

  10. Am doing my first detox and am having some unusual pain when I bend forward! And in bed at night. Only on day 4 so having read your diary am feeling reassured and excited that my body is healing. Thank you.

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