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  1. Kirk’s Ankylosing Spondylitis Update…and Where I’ve Been!


    12/01/2015 by Katrina

    Here I am. It’s been AGES (a year and a half) since I have been on here. I’ve had a …
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  2. Recipe Review: The Raw (Chocolate) Brownie


    26/11/2012 by Katrina

    I’m into the Chrissy spirit early this year! Got my tree up, testing out yummy Christmassy food, playing carols, wrapping …
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  3. Orange, White Chocolate & Almond Cake


    28/10/2012 by Katrina

    Kirk leaves for his class school camp tomorrow morning. He is gone for 3 days of canoeing, horse riding, archery, …
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  4. BMAN’s Tahini Bread


    06/10/2012 by Katrina

    I joined the amazing network group over at KickAS.org for those who are dealing with the auto immune disease, Ankylosing …
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  5. Prosciutto Eggs


    05/09/2012 by Katrina

    I had a bit of trouble working out how to spell¬†prosciutto. ¬†I’ve never cooked with it either, but you don’t …
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  6. Sweet Almond Biscuits

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    01/09/2012 by Katrina

    I am still working through Tania Hubbards “Food We Love” cookbook. There are so many amazing recipes! My latest attempt …
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  7. Vanilla Cupcakes and Chocolate Icing


    19/07/2012 by Katrina

    Some of my husband’s family are coming up for a visit so what better excuse to make cupcakes! Amongst those …
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