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  1. Preparing for Whole30


    05/08/2012 by Katrina

    Even if you are not participating in the Whole30, this can still apply to you and your healthy eating! It …
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  2. Whole30 for August-ish


    30/07/2012 by Katrina

    I am taking part in the Whole30 August Program happening over here. Well, actually I started today cause I figured …
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  3. Mexi Taco


    07/01/2012 by Katrina

    With my sister-in-law arriving last night for a week, I wanted to make something special and brand-spanking new for her …
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  4. GF Paleo Bread


    31/12/2011 by Katrina

    One of the ‘downsides’ of going gluten-free can be your limited choice of nice, tasty, textured bread. Sometimes the gluten-free …
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